Foundations of Nursing




In this 3 CE course combination package from ANA, you get three interactive CE modules which form the foundation of the nursing profession: Applying ANA’s Code of Ethics to Everyday PracticeScope and Standards of Nursing Practice and Understanding Nursing’s Social Policy Statement.

To familiarize nurses with the Code of Ethics for Nurses so they can be better prepared to meet the challenge of an ethical dilemma.

To help nurses better understand scope of practice and standards so that they can practice within established guidelines.

To help nurses understand the Nursing Social Policy Statement and to guide them in the application of their professional skills and responsibilities.


Applying ANA’s Code of Ethics to Everyday Practice
1. Identify at least three purposes of a code of ethics.
2. State the nine provisions of the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses.
3. Apply a strategy for analyzing an ethical problem.

Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice
1. Recognize the difference between the scope of nursing practice and the standards of nursing practice.
2. List the “Five Tenets” of nursing.
3. Recognize the importance of standards in the nursing field.
4. Explain the importance of competencies.
5. Recognize the core competencies of the Standards of Practice and Standards of Professional Performance.

Understanding Nursing’s Social Policy Statement
1. Define the role of nursing and its four characteristics.
2. Recognize nursing’s roles, responsibilities, and accountability to the society that it serves.
3. Recognize how standards of practice and standards of professional performance incorporate the nursing process.
4. List and define the four levels of the Model of Professional Nursing Practice.
5. Cite the relationship between competency and autonomy and how it affects a nurse’s self-determination.


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Expiration Date: 12/31/2016


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